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Rotary Gala - Celebrating 100 Years

Wow! 100 years of Rotary in Greeley, Colorado! If you asked me just 2 months ago what Rotary is and where it came from, I’d have no clue.

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Creating Videos with "Shareability"

Scroll thru your avg FB or twitter feed and what do you notice most? I notice a sea of videos and photos – the viral ones…the kind you seem to see EVERYBODY sharing or retweeting. They all have one thing in common – “shareability”.

We’ve all gotten some bad business advice. We are on our 3rd installment going thru this list that I found in an article on fundera.com. Let’s dive into these next two pieces of bad advice.

- “You Need VC Funding—No Matter What”

“The worst business advice that I have ever received was from another startup founder who told me that our business would never get off the ground without outside angel or VC funding. He told me that we didn’t stand a chance going up against other industry giants without having at least $1.5 million in initial seed money because nobody would take us seriously and we needed that money to staff up fast and to flood the industry with a marketing campaign.

Boy was he wrong. After talking with potential investors, we were unhappy with their ‘plans’ for our business and decided to bootstrap instead. It has made all the difference. We now serve 1,200+ customers and 20,000+ users and are growing every month, and we have been cash-flow positive since our 4th month.”

– Jeff Kear, Founder of Planning Pod.

Look, I’ll freely admit that I had NO idea what “VC funding” was.

Worst Business Advice #2 - 

Rigidity and Chauvinism…quite possibly 2 of the worst on this list of 20 from fundera.com:

- “Stick To Your Business Plan From Day One”

“Some of the worst advice we received at Quovo came from people who insisted that we had to create an ironclad, comprehensive business plan from which we couldn’t waver. While it makes conceptual sense to have a plan – and drafting a plan can help you think critically about your business – the reality is that an overwrought business plan easily becomes busy work. After all, there’s approximately a zero percent chance that your plan on day one is still totally accurate on day 180.

This list of worst business advice ever comes from an article on fundera.inc and is presented by 20 different prominent business owners. Since there’s 20 of these let’s unpack them 2 at a time.

1. “Don’t Work Too Hard”