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Rotary Gala - Celebrating 100 Years

Wow! 100 years of Rotary in Greeley, Colorado! If you asked me just 2 months ago what Rotary is and where it came from, I’d have no clue.

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Creating Videos with "Shareability"

Scroll thru your avg FB or twitter feed and what do you notice most? I notice a sea of videos and photos – the viral ones…the kind you seem to see EVERYBODY sharing or retweeting. They all have one thing in common – “shareability”.

We’re back to talking about and laughing about some of these pieces of bad business advice that I found on fundera.com. Let’s dive in.

  1. “Hire As Many People As Possible”

“When business is on the up-and-up, a lot of people will advise small business owners to go on a hiring spree. It’s better to advise not to over-hire, actually.

I’m pausing in our series on terrible business advice to talk to you about what to do when dealing with difficult clients.

I think the worst I ever had was a bride who yelled at one of her bridesmaids to “get that video lady out of here!!” – even though I was hired to shoot her while getting ready. Oh well, her loss, but I really did want to let her have it. She’s not the only difficult client we’ve had, and she probably won’t be the last, so here’s what I’ve learned in reading what psychologists suggest as the best approach:


Hmm…a tad extreme, maybe? Ok, maybe a little. After all, you’ve never actually planned out the “accidental” death of a coworker, have you? Neither have I…but anger has definitely risen out of a few frustrating circumstances. In reading “how-to’s” of best ways to deal with frustrating coworkers, I can see I’m not the only one, but most of these self-help articles only suggest ways in which you can make things comfortable enough to work with them in peace….which is a noble goal, don’t get me wrong, but don’t you want to do more than just TOLERATE that person? Don’t you want to work with each of your coworkers in a way that is beneficial to you both AND beneficial to your employer? I know I do!