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Rotary Gala - Celebrating 100 Years

Wow! 100 years of Rotary in Greeley, Colorado! If you asked me just 2 months ago what Rotary is and where it came from, I’d have no clue.

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Creating Videos with "Shareability"

Scroll thru your avg FB or twitter feed and what do you notice most? I notice a sea of videos and photos – the viral ones…the kind you seem to see EVERYBODY sharing or retweeting. They all have one thing in common – “shareability”.

Ok, now that I’ve offended the half of you that read that title and decided I’m just a jerk and you’re just fine in your stagnant online presence, that means the other half of you who aren’t pansies and know things can always be better can continue reading and decide for yourselves. :)


I’m going to open up a little here and be brutally honest, even if it hurts me. Here goes – equipment failure happens. Human error happens. And though we try our very best at every project, sometimes mistakes happen. I think that’s true of every person at every kind of job though. We, as human beings, are not perfect. BUT – what really separates the “boys from the men” and the “girls from the women” is what you do AFTER the mistake. How do you handle it? I had my first stab at that last week.

Welcome to our fourth installment in this series of worst business advice. Today is all about pressure and plurality.

7. “Your Idea Has to be Totally New”

“The absolute worst I received was, ‘Come up with an idea that is out of this world, something I have never seen before.’ What does that advice even mean? The person might as well have told me to buy a lottery ticket on the off chance that I win.

As a co-founder of a successful and growing business, the advice I would have rather received starting out is, ‘What problem are you trying to solve, why is it a big problem, and what skill sets do you have or have access to to solve the problem?’   

Framing the idea this way allows one to narrow down business ideas to those that have a greater chance of succeeding. I would much rather frame a big problem that an entrepreneur is capable of solving, rather than something that isn’t a real problem, or something no entrepreneur has a chance of solving.”

– Anton Dy Buncio, COO of VIATechnik, LLC