NADINE CORNISH - The Caregiver's Guardian from George Sickler on Vimeo.

I’ve never been a caregiver…not that I would turn it down, but it’s just not something that has been asked of me yet. But….I have great respect for them.

Being a caregiver of the average child is called being a parent. But what do you call it when it’s a physically or mentally impaired child? What if it’s an adult? A parent, grandparent or spouse? I have had the privilege of knowing a few of those types of caregivers and it is AMAZING the load of work and stress they handle in a typical day. I am awed by their selflessness, perseverance, and determination.

So…when those exhausted parents and spouses do what they do, who cares for them?

This presenter has been a caregiver, herself, and has grown a lot through that experience, so she wrote a book and travels giving her inspirational message to all those brave, but exhausted, caregivers.

It’s true that the caregiver doesn’t care enough for themselves and that can take its toll. You know what they tell you about handling the oxygen mask flying in an airplane? Well, it applies to life, too….you must take care of yourself first in order to care for others. I know, I know…who has the time? But it doesn’t have to be something monumental or expensive! Take a walk in a park. Go visit the amazing beauty that Colorado has to offer! Take a hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park, or maybe a light walk through the CO foothills. Make sure to get plenty of video and photo of your fun trip! My point is – you must take time to rest, get some sunlight, and recharge! 

If you’re a caregiver, I salute you. You love with the love of God, and it is extraordinary. Keep doing what you do best. You rock!