OxfordAg :30 Commercial Spot - Colorado Digital Video from George Sickler on Vimeo.


Last week I got an email from a client here in CO who we’d worked for before – someone in the agricultural industry. He was requesting a commercial. He wanted us to come out to capture video of calves on a farm being fed his product….Oxford Ag Colostrum, and then edit it together for a 30 sec TV spot but he needed it done quick. My response was – ABSOLUTELY! He said he needed to attend to some other things, but would be in touch soon. When you need a video in Colorado and you need it quick, you call us first!

Fast Forward to a few days ago…

He emailed telling me that life had just been super busy (that happens to all of us) and, while he still needed the commercial spot, there was no time for shooting video.

So…what do you do when your client (or subject) says Moo, but you can’t be there in person to hear it? – You get creative.

I visited a few of my favorite sites for stock music, stock sound effects and stock photos and got to work pulling assets from these sites! Meanwhile, my client was working on getting a professional voice-over for us. I had the assets and was ready to work, but my client was still working on getting that voice-over.

So…what do you do when your client (or subject) says Moo, but now you can’t hear the human say HIS part? – You get creative.

I had the script in my hand and used my own voice as a temporary place-holder until we could get the ACTUAL professional voice-over file. I used my own voice in order to edit the video together with the right timing and then waited. I didn’t have to wait long – my client emailed the audio file and I was fairly close on the timing just using my own voice, though I hated listening to it. Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording? Horrifying! Do I actually sound like THAT?! *shudders*

Lol, ok, maybe it’s not that bad.

Anyhow, here is the finished project! Are you in Colorado and in need of a commercial for internet or TV? Give me a call! Even if there’s a time crunch, we can make it happen!