First off – why do you need a calendar? Can’t you just post things randomly? No. No you cannot. To be fair, you can, but the longer you don’t post something, the longer the average page visitor and algorithm bot think you might be dead. Posting daily content on most social media platforms is a must so that your page presents a living, thriving business. There are SOOOO many people using social media sites and apps right now, that we really need to start treating our social media accounts as a secondary “front desk”. It’s often where people will get their first impression of you and your service/product, so make your accounts look good!

There are some key things to keep in mind when making your calendar: 

  1. What? – Content is hard to come up with at first. Keep in mind, your audience doesn’t JUST want to see pics/video of what you do or make…your content needs to be a variety of personal posts, informational posts, and advertising what you do.
  2. When? – All social media platforms are different when it comes to the typical best time to post and how many posts per day are prudent. You also need to learn how to use an overall scheduler which will schedule for all social media platforms – but the good ones cost money…OR you can schedule for free on Facebook and then copy that content once it posts and use that to paste into a Twitter post or a LinkedIn post, etc.
  3. Where? – That brings us to the question of "where?"…there are a LOT of social media platforms, but depending on your intended audience, you may not need to use all of them. For instance - is your target demographic mostly men? If so, you probably don't need a Pinterest account for your business since Pinterest is mostly a social media platform filled with women!
  4. How? – How do you come up with all the content you need? How do you make sure you’re not accidentally using a link from a potential competitor?
  5. Who? – Narrow down your target demographic before you start a FB ad campaign or any other social media campaign!

That’s a lot to think about! If you want help with any of this, I’ve learned a lot about it and have started offering assistance. I can either make your calendar for you each week, OR I can coach you on how to handle this yourself. Let me know if I can help!