Hercules Industries - Heart for helping from George Sickler on Vimeo.

Scroll thru your avg FB or twitter feed and what do you notice most? I notice a sea of videos and photos – the viral ones…the kind you seem to see EVERYBODY sharing or retweeting. They all have one thing in common – “shareability”.

My spell check says that word doesn’t exist in the dictionary, but I’m betting it will be one day soon. Here’s why: when it comes to the difference between internet videos that are seen and those that no one knows exists, shareability is all that matters.

So – how do you create videos that are shareable? Well…besides hiring us to create the video for you, of course. Even if you DO hire us to create your shareable video (and we hope that you do), we still need your passion, expertise, and knowledge to help shape the video.
First we need to understand more about you – your background, the products and services you offer, but most importantly you need to help us understand your “why”:

Why did you chose your profession? 
Why did you create (or help perpetuate) your company? 
Why will your product/service be so helpful to your clients/customers? 
Why do you feel so passionately about what you do?

See, here’s a little-known secret for you….your prospective client isn’t NEAR as interested in what kind of equipment or knowledge you have as they are in the “whys”. People need to feel something…you need to strike a chord with one of their many emotions.
After we understand a little more about your brand, product/service, and your “whys”, we need to decide on a genre.
Here are the most commonly shared genres that are present in most shareable videos:
1.       Comedy – people love to laugh and they love to make others laugh. If your content is truly hilarious, it won’t matter that it’s a commercial or promo video….they’ll share it with ALL their friends, anyhow. I recently did this with a commercial for Purple. Then after sharing a few of their funny commercials on FB, I decided to buy one of their seat cushions for my husband. They created a customer simply by offering the benefits of their product in a humorous way.
2.       Inspirational – happy tears is what you’re shooting for here. This is the genre we decided to go with for Hercules in the video you see posted above.
3.       WOW factor – super talented but previously unknown people, death defying stunts, an amazing or unique dance performance…the wow factor has enabled companies like Red Bull to take their shareability to a whole new level.
4.       Relatable – Even if YOU think your video idea is funny or inspirational or has a wow factor, you must make sure that your intended demographic will, too. The best way to do that is to pitch your idea to a focus group filled with your target demographic and let them decide.
That may not cover ALL shareable videos, but you get the idea. Here in Colorado we have such breathtaking views, that creating an inspirational or wow factor video production is a given. But…our beautiful Colorado scenery requires YOUR story. Are you ready? Let’s get started!