Chanelle and Craig's Wedding Day Story from George Sickler on Vimeo.

Ah, there's nothing like the stench of negativity in the morning! You know what I'm talking about - your side business or side hobby that "serious" business people think is silly and somehow disqualifies you for any "serious" business relationships.

For some stupid reason, there's this negative (and false) stereotype surrounding video professionals who do mostly corporate work, but occasionally a few weddings and family events. OR the HUGELY negative (and usually false) stereotype of those who are EXCLUSIVELY wedding video professionals. The stereotype is: You work at parties. I can't take you seriously.

Here's how the line goes at networking functions
Fellow business owner, Bob: "Oh! You're a video professional? Wow, that sounds like a fascinating job! What kind of work do you do?"
Me: "We do commercials, training videos, promo videos, live streaming, graphics work...we mostly work with business owners like yourself. Oh...and occasionally we take on a wedding or other family event!"
Bob: "Oh....weddings? Oh, to meet you. I'm gonna go over here and talk to Julie for a minute"

Aaaaand I've just lost Bob. See, Bob, like many others, think that, somehow, if I work at weddings, that delegitimizes my good standing as a "business owner". Why? Is it because my job sometimes means I work at a party? Does working at a party mean I'm not doing "real" work? Does getting creative shots of lace make me less of a video professional than if I were getting shots of a wind turbine? The fact that "wedding videographer" was listed as the lowest level job in the SIMS game, doesn't help my case, either.

We started out doing only weddings and family events. That was our bread and's what helped raise our children. It fed and clothed them, so I refuse to be ashamed of it. It was good work...but make no mistake - it was hard work. Just because someone works at parties, doesn't mean its easy or super fact it's often difficult to do hard work and sweat and be treated like "the help" in the midst of everyone else having so much fun. But it's worth it. 

So...take a quick look at this wedding. It's done by the same professionals who have done corporate work for the SciFi Channel, Harley Davidson, John Elway, the Weld County Govt, and numerous local businesses...just to name a few. Our work with weddings has not diminished our services and talents....if anything, it has enhanced them. So, please....the next time you meet a video professional, don't judge them on WHAT they videotape, rather judge them based on the quality of their work. And the next time someone belittles you for your side hobby or side business....they don't deserve to work with you. You deserve to be treated with respect. Thank you. That is all.