From a article titled "10 steps to relationship marketing" - 

2. Make sure it is available in a mobile-friendly way

Most content is now consumed on your smartphone and/or tablet. Think video, backed up with PDF reports, interactive websites, and more.

3. Integrate your digital practices

Rather than doing only one form of marketing, for instance Facebook ads, the most successful companies integrate their digital marketing to include social media (like Facebook) coupled with video (usually on YouTube) and a devoted program of digital analytics to measure what is happening. Going by "your gut feeling" is nice, but with all due respect to your gut, it can be wrong.

My take-away:

  1. Your website needs to be responsive – when you see the term “responsive website”, this is what that means – your website needs to be able to function well on a computer OR mobile device. And, honestly, most people use their phones more often than a desktop or even laptop computer, so making your site mobile is a necessity.
  2. Facebook ads are awesome. BUT – if you aren’t filling out your page on a regular basis with good content PLUS managing comments on your ads and posts, PLUS joining other conversations on other pages on FB, PLUS regulating that content by checking on your analytics, you’re really missing out. Analytics allow you to see post successes and failures so that you can adjust your content or timing as needed. Don't just guess how you're doing, KNOW how you're doing!

Following these guidelines will better lead you to where the people are (online and on their phones), so that you can begin to form crucial relationships of trust with them.