...then Jesus from George Sickler on Vimeo.

I love being a part of a church who appreciates our input and ideas. This idea came about as several leaders in our church met together to talk about what we should do for Easter. The idea “then Jesus” was presented as a theme for the video we were making for the service…and before we knew it, that was decided on as the theme for the whole service!

We will have more (and longer) testimonies like this to show on Sunday…this is just a teaser/invitation.

I love how the graphics at the end work so well with the music. When I placed everything on the timeline together, they just fit so perfectly! Yay for happy accidents!

The lighting for this was fun to play with, but a bit tricky. There’s a hairpin light dropped on the back of the subject’s head but no other light. It makes for a great silhouette! When the subject gets to the part where Jesus stepped in, the forward-facing lights will come on, as they tell the rest of the story. It should turn out to be a great presentation!

Here’s the thing about testimonies…they are undeniable. These people have had these very real and raw experiences that have caused them pain or caused others pain. Therefore, because it actually happened to them, we cannot deny the reality or power of their story. Their lives, though, were changed when Jesus stepped in! 

If you want to know the rest of Drew’s story (or any of the other 3 people we’ll have), you’ll have to come to our Easter Service!